Our School

Our Philosophy


Bangkok Bilingual School aims to provide a quality educational programme that supports the development of the whole child to the maximum of their potential, living by the school motto: “Be the best that you can be”.


Bangkok Bilingual School wishes to provide an engaging, responsive educational environment that develops caring, adaptable, knowledgeable and zestful learners.


The primary goal of Bangkok Bilingual School is to promote the learning of English language. Students will develop an interest in learning about and understanding other cultures, which therefore, would enable students to communicate with foreigners correctly, confidently and fluently.

Our School Values

Our values signify the beliefs that positively shape our character and the way we interact and communicate with individuals, groups and communities. They depict the deepest beliefs and sentiments to which we can aspire, and they influence our school community.


We value the academic and intellectual growth of all students and teachers identifying their different learning styles and needs, encouraging them to be creative, innovative, engaged and lifelong learners as they also strive for excellence, and the desire to produce one‟s best at all times.


We value the acceptance and fairness of the people in our community. Social belongingness, harmony and compassion are highly regarded and actively practiced. We encourage the improvement of a wide range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities throughout the school to help facilitate and cater to individual talents and interests.


We value the significance of character, sincerity and courage, guided by a strong moral code of discipline and behaviour.


We value leadership and collaboration among the members of the community. The concept of gratitude or „giving back‟, the sense of responsibility and discipline are the vital features of our leadership programmes.

A Sense of Community

We value the sense of community, both within and outside the school, and the need for all residents to be optimistic, involved and productive members of society. When our values are actively practiced, the result is a positive environment where everyone feels that they belong.

Our Organization

Our Facilities


Primary and Secondary