Kindergarten Campus


BBS has 3 buildings (1 for primary and 2 for kindergarten), parking, car and bus access, swimming pool, tennis & basketball courts, and verdant and paved play area.

Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

There are 2 classrooms with separate sleeping/playing rooms for Pre-Kindergarten at the Day Care Building, and 3 classrooms for Kindergarten 1 across the ballcourt.

Kindergarten Classrooms

There are classrooms and activity rooms for Kindergarten 2 and 3 on the second, third and fourth floors of the main building.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has a total of 32 computer terminals, all running in Windows 7 operating system. All primary levels have computer classes once or twice a week. Kindergarten 3 students have basic computer lessons in the second term only.

Music Room

The music room has 26 keyboards and 10 guitars. Kindergarten 3 to Grade 5 classes have keyboard and music lessons, and Grade 6 has guitar lessons, once a week.


The library has approximately 2000 books. All primary levels have library sessions once a week.

Ball and Tennis Courts

The ball and tennis courts are primarily used for P.E. classes and sports events. The annual Sports Day is held in these areas.

Swimming Pool

Swimming lessons are conducted once a week in K2 to G6 classes.

Pre-Kindergarten Playground


Kinderdarten Playground 1


Kindergarten Playground 2


Kindergarten Playground 3